We are Hilary, Emma, Inga (9), Julian (3) and Ruby-the-Dog Drake from Asheville, North Carolina, the family behind mindyourplastic.com. We are acutely aware of our own family’s contribution to the plastic waste problem. With an ancestral link to the first synthetic plastic created (Hilary’s Great, Great Grandfather, Leo Baekeland, developed Bakelite in 1907), we decided to make a change. With growing concerns about pollution, climate change, and public health, we began 2019 with a one-month challenge to be mindful about single-use plastic consumption, decrease our footprint, and share our journey. Our resolution is now our revolution.

Family hike on Mt. Mitchell

Family hike on Mt. Mitchell

As parents, we want to be able to imagine a thriving planet for our kids and generations to come. We know that recycling is not currently a solution to our plastic problem. 91% of plastic isn’t recycled. Kayaking in the Estero River, we wondered if our human race was capable of making the changes needed to shift the trajectory of our collective future. Or would we erase “life as we know it” with our persistent, wasteful habits of convenience?

While Baekeland’s discovery opened a Pandora’s box for cutting-edge innovation, it also paved the way for the single-use plastics that plague our planet today. We are living in a time of unprecedented possibility and ingenuity, where consciousness and conscience for the good of the whole IS possible! We believe that individual action is paramount. All big change starts with small change. What began as a one-month resolution, has shifted into a permanent life upgrade, fueling our family’s daily innovation, interesting conversation, and energy to share our work with you.

Will you join us?