There is no such thing as “away.” When we throw anything anyway, it must go somewhere.
— Annie Leonard

Plastic is Forever

Plastic was designed to be malleable and durable, and since the 1950’s, we have created 9.2 billion tons of it. Plastic doesn’t go away, or biodegrade, but breaks down into smaller and smaller particles, called Microplastics. Every plastic ever created still exists on our earth today.

1,000,000 Per minute

The Guardian reports that worldwide, we purchase one million single-use plastic water bottles every single minute. Approximately 7% are recycled. The rest wind up in our landfills and oceans.

Recycling Falls Short

Americans discard 30 million tons of plastic alone and only 8% of it gets recycled. Globally, only 18% of all plastics is recycled, and many of it “down-cycled,” affecting its quality as a material. The rest ends up as litter.

2,000,000 per Minute

Americans use 2 million single-use plastic bags per minute. Worldwide, use is up to 500 billion per minute. The average use lasts for 12 minutes.

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